How to make a great customer testimonial!

Video Testimonial Blueprint

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Quit buying impressions and start making them!


The Power of Video Testimonials

In the digital age customer opinions are more accessible than ever before. As a result it has become increasingly difficult to influence customer opinion about your brand. Studies suggest that approximately 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from a personal contact. In general most people default to the diagram below when placing their trust (see image). Using testimonials from satisfied customers is an extremely powerful advertising strategy.

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Quick Testimonial Facts:

  • Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared

  • Testimonials and case studies are considered most effective

  • Emotional responses increase word of mouth recognition by 3x

  • Lends social proof to your brand

  • Customers read an average of 10 reviews before feeling they could trust a business


Cameras & Microphones




Without a camera, you cannot make a great video testimonial. We recommend a DSLR camera for it’s fantastic image quality and the ability to double as a photography device. DSLR’s range of lens choices give you tons of creative possibilities, including the “shallow depth of field” look that is both cinematic and helpful for hiding messy backgrounds. We recommend starting with an 85mm lens for filming testimonials. 




With the improving quality available on today’s mobile devices, using your smart phone to film is becoming an increasingly viable option. It is still recommended you use a microphone for better sound quality, and you will want a tripod or    mobile gimbal to keep your footage stable and professional.

Boom Mic.PNG

Boom Mic

It’s a directional microphone on a long pole! Better for mobility, action shots, and multi-person testimonials. Using a Boom Mic will also allow you to avoid having to wire up customers.


Lavalier Mic

A lavalier microphone is a small microphone that facilitates hands-free operation. This option offers better sound isolation and concealability than the boom mic counterpart. A very professional approach with great sound quality.



Here are a few gadets/accessories that can help give your work some “wow” factor. The differences are subtle but impressive. If there is any extra room in the budget pick up a few of these items for a cost effective way to up your production value.



Helps you keep a steady shot, and should be your first accessory purchase.


LED Light Panel

These handy LED lights fit on-top of your camera, and offer various color settings to match your environment.


Green Screen Kit

A green screen will allow you to insert a more impressive background shot in post-production.


Light Bounce

This is a convenient and portable accessory that helps to eliminate troublesome shadows, reduce glare, add warmth, and more.


Extra batteries are highly recommended as most shoots take time to coordinate and execute. You can never have too many battery packs for your equipment. 


Framing the Shot

When selecting a location to shoot, look for easily recognizable features of your building or lot. Try to incorporate branding that will identify the dealership within your videos. Take this time to show off! A quiet location is also beneficial for testimonials. Make sure other dealership staff is aware of the filming to avoid interruptions.

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testimonial backgrounds (8).JPG
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  • Select a background that has combinations of depth, color, and straight lines.

  • Choose a background that contrasts with the speaker (or use lighting to achieve similar effect)

  • Utilize the “Rule of Thirds” for the perfect composition every time.

Lining it Up

Place your customer at one of the crosshairs as shown below within your frame. (not in the center)


Testimonial Questions

Help your customer tell their story and add any questions about their unique experience as they tell you more about their visit. Below are a few important reminders to give your customers.


“Do your best to answer in concise 2-3 sentence chunks”
“It helps if you restate part of the question in your answer”
“Don’t worry, we’re going to edit this together to make sure you sound awesome."


Starter Questions:

  • Tell me who you are, where we are, and what you brought you in today.

  • Why did you buy {vehicle}, and what is your favorite part about it?

  • Talk about the selection they have here, is that important to you?

  • What were your expectations when you arrived, and how did it go?

  • How did the salespeople who helped you out do today? 

  • Would you recommend them to a friend if they were in the market?

  • Were they knowledgeable about all the cars they showed you today?

  • What is the most important thing for a dealership to get right for you?

  • If I was in the market, where would you recommend I shop, and why?

    WNM TIP:

    Customers will feed off your energy, keep your excitement levels high throughout the shoot. Make them laugh before and during! Hiding your face behind the camera will often help the customer speak directly to the camera.


    B-Roll Ideas

    broll blog.PNG

    What is B-Roll?

    B-Roll is secondary footage that narrates the story being told. These shots are equally as important as the interview/testimonial itself. This also allows the editor to break apart the testimonial so the viewer sees a final product that seamlessly flows together.

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