The customers first focus is the vehicle that they are interested in, and often the best way to grab their attention online is by remarketing to them the exact vehicle(s) that initially caught their eye. You work hard to make sure your salespeople are following up with interested prospects. Enabling your website with "Dynamic Product Advertising" will follow-up better than anyone on your staff and make sure to keep your prospects connected to your vehicles!

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Become Unforgettable!

  • Market to your prospects right in their social feed with the exact vehicle they want
  • Pay less per impression to remarket to customers you have already paid to attract
  • Keep your inventory in front of hot prospects for 10-14+ days while make a decision
  • Follow your prospects to multiple devices with responsive ads built for all mediums
  • Live vehicle feed updates pricing and availability so you always display relevant info


Anyone who has sold cars, knows you have to spend as much time “slowing the customer down” as you do asking them to buy the car. The key to advertising on a social platform, is having variety of content to target prospects with a message that resonates. This highly cost effective package includes the WNM Campaign Framework that implements multiple campaigns to create a balanced marketing message. The framework includes specific model focused videos, interest based and “in-market” targeting, and value proposition video ads designed to sell the experience of working with your dealership. Our team of automotive marketing professionals manages your campaigns every step of the way!

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Right Vehicle, Right Prospect, Right Time

  • Model Review ads retarget website visitors, and can target specific audience types
  • Community video ads target specific interests, hobbies, job types, and life events
  • Value proposition ads ensure you are selling the experience your dealership offers
  • Mix of marketing messages create a balanced message for your prospects


Our coaching options are perfect for teams just getting started and for expert social media marketers. We can be your second opinion or just another set of eyes on a campaign. Leverage our experience and nationwide data sets to gain insight on ways to improve your campaigns. We want to help your teams to increase the amount of video used in the automotive industry. Our primary goal is not to take over your video production but to teach you how to be successful using video at home at your dealership!


Learn and Earn!

  • Create a team and we will teach you
  • License our packages until you can create your own content and use our tried and true campaign framework
  • Get connected, we have a large network of automotive marketing professionals