Dealer Video Packages



Do your ads only talk about vehicles? Do they do nothing but “ask for the business”? How would your dealership perform if your actual salespeople behaved this way? The car business is all about building rapport, slowing the customer down, and building value in the dealership not just the vehicle. This series includes over 30 individual spots designed to pair with unique targeting opportunities on social media. These ads allow our partners to “stay in front” of prospects with content that is immediately relevant to the prospect’s interests.

Start Authentic Conversations About Your Brand

  • Efficiently reach out to customers already in your funnel
  • Reach your prospects exactly when they enter the market
  • Speak to your prospects on their level about their interests
  • Build brand personality with unique dynamic variety in your ad sets
  • Prospects only see the targeted ads that are relevant to them
  • Customizable scripts, and calls to action to “nail” your messaging
  • Themes like “Own a dog”, “Upcoming anniversary”, “Just bought a house”, “play golf”, “own a motorcycle”, “military veterans”, “police”, “educators”, “Interest in Children’s charities”, local zip codes, local employers, and more…


Presenting your vehicles better than the competition will always be a key pillar of success in the auto business. This series is branded to your dealership with digital inserts, custom images and audio. Each video is structured like a brochure, revealing key features, color options, engine options, wheel choices, etc. When you license this content, you can “remix” it into any format or length. These Branded Model Review Videos are concise, and detailed to keep your customers engaged at all every level of your digital funnel.

Get the videos you need!

  • Released in sync with fresh new models
  • Use within your YouTube, website, and BDC
  • Pre-Approved for informational accuracy
  • Delivered as .mp4 files & to your YouTube
  • Videos are uniquely branded to your store
  • You completely own the videos you buy
  • Fully customizable to your brand identity
  • Incorporate your jingles, intros, and slogans


Your prospects have finance questions, answer them! This series creates a source of information that can be hosted right on your website. Having the answers to these questions available as videos builds value for your dealership before they step onto the lot. Transparency in this area can be key in earning a prospect's trust.

Get The Videos You Need!

  • Special Finance FAQ Videos answer most common questions asked by guests
  • Show customers you're a source of info, and can help them solve their problems
  • Appear to be created by your dealership and direct viewers to contact your team
  • Create searchable content for your website that follow commonly search questions
  • Options to customize the scripting, music, logos, contact info, and more!...


The most important part of any "car deal" is when you're able to begin to convert the client's interest in your vehicle into interest in your dealership, your salesperson, your brand, and all the great reasons to buy that vehicle from you. This We Get It series features real car buyers, and your unique footage and branding elements to create a cost-effective series that is highly engaging.

Tell the customer WHY to buy from you!

  • Don't be vehicle obsessed, provide value
  • Videos feature real customer opinions
  • Use our tested, and proven narratives
  • Modify each script to better fit your brand
  • Offer great reasons to choose your store
  • Fully customized, price includes production
  • Automotive videographer at your location
  • Focused themes like Trade Values, Respect for Your Time, Variety of Selection, Pricing, Training, and Pre-Owned Vehicle Standards offer relevant content to every type of guest you attract within your online sales funnel.


Service videos are easy to use online, within the CRM, and also make great targeted marketing on many social media channels. They're exactly the type of content that service prospects are looking for, and service managers need to effectively generate new business. This series gives site visitors a reason to stay engaged and learn. Each video incorporates custom elements and will look and feel like it was created at your dealership, by your staff. They will explain your warranty program, sell more parts, and most importantly give prospects a reason to service with you by explaining your unique value.

Show Off! Build Value Through Your Parts & Service Departments

  • Video templates are customized in several unique ways to your brand and message
  • These videos feature real customer opinions about what makes great service
  • These templated videos make great introduction tools to your department
  • We can work with you, to sell any message, sale, promotion, or service you wish.
  • Pair these with custom Service FAQ videos to create a baseline of service content.
  • Take our templates, and customize them as much as you choose to, stand out!