At What's Next Media we don't aim to be a "one stop shop" for everything, but rather a group of experts in our specific niche so dealers can count on the advice we give them and the products we create for them.

We have two core skills. First, we have a unique knowledge of the Automotive Industry and can help our dealers arrive at the exact marketing message they will want to convey on video. Second, we have mastered creating automotive content using our patented digital re-branding process to make our products look original and 100% unique.


Andrew Myers - The Veteran

Beginning each day with purpose to provide for his loving family, Drew sets out to cultivate new relationships, innovate processes, and inspire others to question the world. A sales-person to the core Andrew is always looking for ways to “slow” the customer down and provide engaging content. He quickly saw an opportunity to use video to accomplish this in the automotive industry. An idea was born, a company was created, and he left his successful selling career to begin showing dealerships how to use video to engage and build value with customers rather than simply marketing to them.

Screenshot-2018-1-26 Dan Myers.jpg

Daniel Myers - The Entrepreneur

An analytical mind centered around providing the best experience possible for his; wife, son, employees, and customers. Dan’s decisions are backed by data. He is constantly seeking out best practices, new ways to streamline a process, or creating an unprecedented solution of his own. His trailblazing spirit inspires others to ask, “why not.” With Dan you never have to wonder What’s Next.

Abby HS.png

Abigail Hagan - The Storyteller

Abby is WNM's story editor and associate producer. She's a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College with a degree in Media Production and Minor in History. When she's not editing automotive content, she's filming documentaries, nature content, and live dance. Abby is a member of the Seattle Documentary Association and sits on the Board of Directors for the Allied Arts Foundation. She's also the punniest person in the office


David Brazier - The Bridge

Dave is arguably most personable nerd in the world. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Psychology. He understands how to captivate attention and provide an environment that fosters engagement. An expert social media marketer guaranteed to keep your customers informed at every level of your funnel.

Brian Pittala - The Filmmaker

Brian is the head of the production department and primary shooter here at What's Next. He graduated in the top 10% of his class from the Seattle Film Institute with a degree in Filmmaking. When he's not creating video content for What's Next Media, he's writing, directing, filming, and editing his own scripts that have started to earn him festival acceptances and awards.